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III. Maintenance of biodiversity

The COA, in collaboration with Academia Sinica and 22 other governmental agencies, moved forward with 38 projects under the biodiversity action plan. These activities were along the lines of the 2010 Biodiversity Target adopted by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) for a reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss. Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility (TaiBIF) and National Node of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) were established for this purpose. They facilitate an integration of Taiwan's biodiversity information. TaiBIF stores metadata on 695 experts, 46,760 species, over one thousand species that are domesticated, cultivated, and alien, etc.

In collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, the COA completed the selection of 75 sites as important wetlands as an aid in the development of coastal conservation areas. The COA also implemented a national vegetation inventory and mapping program. The program mapped 3,500 sites, drafted 710 vegetation maps, and collected and collated 1,000 references. In the field of ecological engineering and biodiversity, various R and D projects were conducted, including the conservation and utilization of 66,000 accessions of crop germplasm. The COA also implemented biodiversity education programs. In 2007, the COA supported local governments and non-governmental organizations in conducting 13 integrated projects and 113 community-based forestry projects. During the year, 7,669 man-trips were involved in the patrol of protected forest areas, 158 public education workshops and 100 conservation training workshops conducted, and 45 conservation publications published.

To conserve biodiversity in Taiwan’s coastal waters, a comprehensive biodiversity survey was conducted of the major habitats in the coastal waters. Major findings are: Hsiao-liu-chiu Island (209 fish species, 208 mollusk species and 89 crustacean species); Yilan Bay (152 fish species and 30 crustacean species); Green Island (647 fish species, among them two new species, and 74 macroalgae species); and Orchid Island (620 fish species, among them four new species, and 100 macroalgae species). Surveys were also taken to examine coral colonies in 15 locations of the Pingtung County waters. Major findings are: eastern coastal waters of Henchun, 230 species; western coastal waters of Henchun, 266 species; South Bay, 282 species; and Hsiao-liu-chiu Island, 240 species. The biodiversity database for Taiwan’s coastal waters is being constructed; currently there are 30,000 entries in the database.