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Trends in the Domestic Agricultural Situation

  The overall agricultural production and marketing situation in Taiwan was affected by both weather and resource conditions. In 2012, there were both increases and decreases in both production volume and prices across the various rural economic sectors (farming, fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry). Total value of agricultural production in 2012 was roughly NT$471.9 billion, a decline of 0.78% compared to 2011. Farm products accounted for 45.12% of the value of total value of agricultural production, animal husbandry products for 33.96%, fisheries products for 20.83%, and forestry products for a mere 0.09%.

  In terms of trade in agro-products, in 2012 the value of imports of agro-products was US$14.63 billion, a decline of 1.42% compared to 2011. The main imports were grain and processed grain products, oilseeds and oilseed powder, and lumber and processed lumber products. The value of exports of agro-products was US$5.08 billion, an increase of 8.83% over 2011. The main exports were fish and processed fish products, and leather or down processed goods.

  Turning to prices of agro-products, in 2012 the wholesale price index for all farm, forestry, fisheries, and animal husbandry products rose 3.51% compared to 2011. The largest price rises were seen in grains, fruit, vegetables, and fish raised through aquaculture. Farm products increased in price by 7.13%, forestry products fell by 6.47%, fisheries products rose by 5.88%, and animal husbandry products fell by 5.84%.