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Traceable Agricultural Products (TAP) and Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) integration


  Traceable agricultural product (TAP) provides certification service for consumers to production process control and product verification, regulating the producers to comply with food safety and sustainable environment standard and certifies by international third-party accredited certification bodies. Only those which are certified are entitled to use the TAP mark and open information that allow consumers to purchase at ease.

  Four agricultural certification marks that the COA promoted vary in regulations, label design, system content and certification mechanism, making it difficult for consumers to recognize and identify the meaning of the labels. Thus, the integration of the labels came into effect. Taking safety and sustainability into consideration, four agricultural certification marks would be integrated into Organic and TGAP which combining the advantages of Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), CAS and TAP. By the end of 2020, an integrated agricultural product certification system that is reliable, transparent and easy to understand for consumers would be completed. Would be promotion producers stay in line whit international standard.