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Trial plan on promoting an improvement of agricultural labor shortage version 2.0


  In April 2017, the Council of Agricultural (COA) recruited and hired young adults to form 3 agricultural technology groups and then added another 8 technological groups in August. Therefore there are a total of 11 technical groups and 325 agricultural workforce.

  In order to assist the recruitment of new labors with the basic level of technical work, the COA enrolled middle aged people in July and formed 15 agricultural cultivator, so there are 310 cultivators in total. In addition, the COA also cooperates an assistive measure with the Ministry of Justice. This concept is using open prison inmates to help with the shortage of agricultural labor (in 6 places in Taiwan) and there were been 57 prisoners be appointed to do agricultural work in each month.

  To continue dealing with the shortage of agricultural labor, the COA expects to recruit 50 pasture managers for daily cow nursery groups and they will be assigned to dairy farms to do annual work in November. Besides, in 2017, the COA also anticipates to form 2 tea expert groups and 2 agricultural technology groups in Chiayi City.