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Undertaking Agricultural Insurance


  Considering that many countries in the world use agricultural insurance systems to reduce the risks of farming operations and stabilize the economic security of farmers, in 2017 the COA has continued to offer insurance on top-grafting pears, pears, and mangos, and has added, on a trial basis, sugar apple income protection insurance, as well as rice, aquaculture, grouper, avian influenza and mango area-yield protection insurance. Of these, there are 92 cases of sugar apple insurance, covering 51 hectares; 4,518 cases of rice insurance, covering 7,798 hectares; and 44 cases of aquaculture insurance, covering 43 hectares.

  The COA is currently developing insurance products for cultivated facilities. Moreover, in 2018 the COA plans to introduce banana income protection insurance, and insurance products for wendan pomelo, pineapple and papaya. In the future the COA will continue to expand trial items, in order to accumulate experience from trials and construct an agricultural insurance system that suits our country’s situation.