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Promoting Rural Regeneration 2.0


  In order to speed up the pace of Rural Regeneration (RR), we upgraded the RR policy to “Rural Regeneration 2.0 (RR2.0)” since 2017. It takes the rural community as the center and bases on rural characteristic, production, resource, culture to construct regional network with different function. And we also expect to renew the value of rural communities in Taiwan through technology and innovation under social and climate changing.

  RR2.0 is not working on a single rural community as its predecessor. It includes local governments, and expands to include public participation and cooperation. The new policy evolves different plans whose concepts included in characteristic, regionalization, networking, intelligence in order to expand public and multiple participation, innovation, friendly agriculture promotion, regional cooperation. Up to now, there has been 2,540 communities educated their inhabitants, 780 communities submitted their own RR projects, and 1,936 communities improved living environment.

  RR2.0, as the introduction of rural community policy and agricultural policy, is consistent with The New Agricultural Innovation Program that integrates production, environment, life quality and partnership as a prime. It will focus on variety of issues small-holder famers, food and agriculture education, manpower return, technology, local food, Satoyama initiative, aging service, tradition reproduction and agricultural heritage in order to strengthen RR2.0 further. Eventually, the rural communities can be regenerated by themselves through every supports of the Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan).