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The No-Kill Policy at Public Animal Shelters


  Beginning in February of 2017 the Council of Agriculture (COA) has halted the original measure at Public animal shelters that the shelter could humanely euthanize an animal after 12 days. Instead, this can only be done if an animal diagnosed by a veterinarian as having an incurable or notifiable infectious disease, causing unsanitary conditions, or there is some other emergency situation. The COA has guided and assisted local governments to promote coordinating measures based on the principles of “reducing volume at the source, improving shelter care, and diversifying adoptions.” Shelter management will focus on ensuring the quality of care of animals and controlling the number of animals entering the shelter, and local governments will link up with the power of citizens to implement control and reduction at the source of roaming dog and cat populations, in order to maintain the quality of life of citizens and the well-being of animals.