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Fresh milk logo


The fresh milk logo is used to protection of consumer rights and to encourage manufacturers to produce pure domestic milk. The government gives approval to carry the logo if the amount of qualified raw milk is sufficient and the amount of fresh milk produced by every dairy plant for that product is sufficient and consistent. Therefore, consumers should purchase fresh milk carrying the symbol of fresh milk in order to protect their rights.


Dog sales management


According to Article 22 of the Animal Protection Law, “ One who operates, for commercial profit, pet breeding, trading or keeping that requires registration shall apply for permits from the approved special municipality, county or city authority and obtain a business permit in accordance with relevant regulations before beginning operations.” Therefore, according to the laws and regulations currently in practice, “one who operates, for commercial profit, pet breeding, trading or keeping that requires registration shall apply for permits from the approved authorities for special municipalities, counties or cities and obtain his business permits.” Citizens who discover people selling dogs without obtaining a permit, please accuse them by sending the address or Web site (URL) of the dealer. We will refer the case to the special municipalities, counties or cities to take care of it as soon as possible.


How to select fresh eggs?


The egg is the best source for humans to take in protein. In addition to nutrients needed for physical growth, the lysozyme in eggs can help eliminate infectious/causal agents . The lecithin in yolk can enliven cells, promote child brain development, and prevent senile dementia. The egg is thus a choice health food. Here are some advice for selecting, storing and cooking fresh eggs:

A. Appearance and indication inspection

  1. The appearance should be clean, free of hen droppings and dirt, and contain no stain or discoloration.
  2. The shell should be intact and contain neither cracks nor damage.
  3. While purchasing washed eggs, consumers should check if the indication on the package contains the name of the product, its net weight, expiry date, retention period, and manufacturer information.
  4. Eggs certified by the CAS (Chinese Agricultural Standards) have gone through strict inspections and are distributed and retailed in a low-temperature environment. Therefore, the quality of CAS-certified eggs is assured.

B. Proper storage

  1. Eggs should be stored in a refrigerator with their blunt ends facing upward.
  2. Eggs should be consumed as soon as possible after purchased to ensure the freshness.

C. Cooking carefully

  1. Eggs should be consumed after they are well done.
  2. Dishes not finished in a meal should be stored in a refrigerator and reheated before use.

D. Eat healthily

  1. Utensils (such as bowls, plates and chopsticks) in contact with fresh eggs must be cleaned and sterilized properly before use. It is best to sterilize utensils in hot water at 80 ° C to kill the bacteria.
  2. Wash your hands before cooking and eating to prevent food poisoning out of cross contamination by bacteria.