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How may one apply for membership to the Taiwan AgExporter? Are individual farmers qualified to apply for membership? Or are only to admitted?


Currently the Taiwan AgExporter is aggressively enriching itself. Those farmer’s groups and agribusinesses that qualify and have products made from domestic raw materials that have export potential can email their basic data and product information to Harvest Farm Magazine. Use MS Word docor Adobe Acrobat pdfattachments (or contact Harvest Farm Magazine for details). Free agricultural product demonstration and Web marketing opportunities will be provided. Please make full use of these opportunities. Should you have any problems, please contact Mr. Yang of Harvest Farm Magazine for details at (02) 2362-8148 ext. 26.


Applications to import products from China


1. Businesses considering to import Chinese products should apply to the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs. The BOFT will consult with relevant government departments. These government departments will review applications, case by case, consulting the Taiwan and Mainland China Trade Permission Regulations under the premises that the act of import shall not threaten national security or critically harm any industry or sector of the Taiwan economy.

2. Citizens can inquire about items approved for import from China at the official BOFT Web site at www.trade.gov.tw .

3. Citizens can access data relating to import-export trade of agricultural products between Taiwan and Mainland China at the official COA Web site at www.coa.gov.tw . (Statistics & COA Publications à Agricultural Statistics à Agricultural Statistics Inquiry à Agricultural Trade Statistics)