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Taipei Botanical Garden Management


Why are cats and dogs are not allowed in the Taipei Botanical Garden?


1. Unlike ordinary parks, the Taipei Botanical Garden was founded for studying and conserving rare plants. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve them. Animals and birds living in the garden like squirrels, M uller’s barbets , crested goshawks and Malaysian night herons are part of the small ecosystem of the garden, cats and dogs would try to kill them.

2. Currently there are only 2 janitors in the garden occupying an area of 8 hectares. Droppings of cats and dogs will increase the workload of these busy janitors extensively and will cause pollution.

3. Diseases carried by cats and dogs can be introduced to the ecosystem.

Most visitors are children (elementary school students), cats and dogs are never totally tame and could harm small humans, thus causing much potential danger.


Why does the lotus in the pond not blossom even at the end of May?


1. There are 2 possible reasons for this:

(a) Water level is too high (too much water in the pond) and light is inadequate.

(b) Aquatic animals gnaw the lotus root and stem.

2. Solutions:

(a) Water inside the pond is pumped and drained at regular amounts at planned intervals.

(b) Aquatic animal control will be applied during the lotus’ dormant period, including golden apple snails, Zilli tilapias, crayfishes.


What are the common birds in the Taipei Botanical Garden?


Malaysian night herons , moorhens , Chinese bulbuls , Japanese white-eyes , and crested goshawks .


What are the common aquatic animals in the Taipei Botanical Garden?


Zilli tilapias, crayfishes, procambarus clark, carps, and Crucian carps.


What are the common deciduous trees in the Taipei Botanical Garden?


Bald cypress and Japanese zelkova .


What are the common evergreen gymnospermae in Taipei Botanical Garden?


Nagi Yaccatree , Buddhist pine, Juniperus chinensis L. var. pyramidalis , Sabina chinensis , Taiwania
cryptomerioides , Cryptomeria japonica and Pseudolarix kaempferi .


What are the common poisonous plants in Taipei Botanical Garden?


A risaema ringens Schott, Arisaema heterophyllum, Thevetia perviana Merr, Erbatamia divaricata, and Cathararrthus roseus(L.)Don.


What are the display areas relating to Chinese culture in Taipei Botanical Garden?


Literature Plants, The Book of Songs Plants, Idiom Plants display areas.


Is there any barrier-free facility in the Taipei Botanical Garden?


1. There are special accesses for the handicapped at the entrance on HePing West Road and BoAi Road. There is free wheelchairs service at the Guard Office on HePing West Road and Tourist Information Centre for the handicapped and people who are in need of such service.

2. To allow visually impaired citizens to understand more about plants, the Forestry Research Institute specifically establishes the touchable plants display area and trains volunteer workers to explain plants for people who need the service. Please contact the Promotion and Education Team of the Forestry Research Institute for details.


Can citizens download the learning sheets from the Taipei Botanical Garden Web site?


Learning sheets of the Taipei Botanical Garden are designed as auxiliary to the themed activities organized by the botanical garden to encourage public participation. There are reasons that the Taipei Botanical Garden leaning sheets are distributed only to visitors of the garden and are unavailable for download. For children or students who have not listened to the explanations given by the tour guides of the garden, the edutainment of these learning sheets will be ineffective. They will resent these learning sheets and consider them as a mere burden or tedious assignments. Please understand our intentions and thank you for your recommendations.