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Questions related to visiting Fushan Botanical Garden

Questions related to visiting Fushan Botanical Garden


What are the hours of Fushan Botanical Garden?


The garden is open 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Visitors must leave the garden area before 3:30 pm. The garden will be closed in March and on Tuesdays, and all applications for admittance will be rejected during these times.


Can coach buses enter Fushan Botanical Garden?


As coaches are not allowed at the Suanlienbai Section of Taiwan Provincial Highway 9, only 9-person minivans can enter Fushan Botanical Garden.


Is there an entrance fee to Fushan Botanical Garden?


No. Visitors are only asked to follow the instructions and bring all garbage out of the garden to maintain the natural ecology of the Fushan.


Do visitors need to application prior to admittance? Are mountainous region entry permits required?


People must make a prior application to the Fushan Botanical Garden at the garden’s official Web site (www.tfri.gov.tw ). No admittance without prior application is allowed. They can apply for admittance to the garden within 75 days (excluding the day of admittance); applications made within 30 days from the day of admittance are considered as immediate applications, if there are vacancies, citizens can apply for immediate admittance. Applications made between 31 to 75 days before the admittance are considered as appointments. The public can make an appointment according to their needs. Yet, the system will accept all applications by drawing.

Drawing method: Applications will be sorted by date of application (not the date of requested admittance). Then it is determined how many groups may be admitted to the garden per day. Then , 30 days before the date of admission, winners will be chosen by random drawing. In other words, groups will be chosen by random drawing 30 or more days before their requested admission date. If there are vacancies after the drawing, these vacancies will remain open for immediate entry. Citizens obtaining the admittance permit will not need to apply for a mountain area entry permit on the day of admittance.


Can we reach Fushan Botanical Garden from Wulai in Taipei?


There is no access to the garden from Wulai in Taipei. Citizens must reach the garden via Taiwan Provincial Highway 9A Highway from Yilan. See the Fushan Botanical Garden Map for details.


Does Fushan Botanical Garden provide food and accommodations?


The garden provides neither food nor accommodations. Visitors must bring their own provisions. No barbecue, cooking and other activity using fire is allowed in the garden.


What papers should visitors bring when visiting the garden?


Visitors should bring their Citizen Identity Card for checking. Children must bring their Household Registration or NHI Card. Aliens should bring their passports or other documents containing a picture of them. Visitors should tell personnel at the control station their application number and prepare the said papers in order to facilitate the checking. Personnel at the control station will return all papers to visitors immediately after checking.


Will the personnel recheck the identity of visitors when they are leaving the garden?




How much time does it take to visit Fushan Garden?


Different routes take different durations. You can refer to the Fushan Botanical Garden Guide to arrange your route. Generally, it takes a half-day.


What are the cautions for visiting Fushan Botanical Garden?


Please refer to Notice for Visiting Fushan Botanical Garden and Notice for Application For Admittance to Fushan Botanical Garden for details.


Can visitors change their schedule when there is a typhoon warning?


When there is a natural disaster that and Yilan County Government announces a day off for people living in the county or a road to the park collapses, the garden will be closed. Visitors who are permitted to visit the garden on that day can choose the same weekday to visit the garden within one month. If it is a Wednesday, for example, visitors can visit the garden in any Wednesday within one month. Should there be any problem, please call 03-9228900 ext. 103, personnel of the research centre will answer your questions.