In China, spinach was imported in the early Tang Dynasty from Persia via Nepal. Also known as “Persian Tsai”, “Red-root Tsai” and “Parrot-color Tsai ”, spinach today is a very popular vegetable. Compared with the “green parrot with a red peck” for its brilliant colors, spinach is now reputed as “King of vegetables”.

spinach It contains the highest amount of protein compared to any other kind of vegetable and is comparable to milk. A 500g bunch of spinach contains the protein equivalent to two eggs and 100g of spinach can sufficiently supply the daily recommended vitamin C and carotene for a single person. Not only is it a good source of iron but according to research, spinach can help resisting senility and regaining vitality of youth; it also has therapeutic effect on asthma and tuberculosis.

Its seeds are efficacious in expelling the wind of human bodies, improving eyesight, activating joints, opening the apertures in the head, and strengthening the stomach and intestines. Spinach root is great for soups and contains Spinasaponin A & B efficacious in reducing blood pressure.