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Vegetable Soybean

 Vegetable Soybean, also commonly known as fresh vegetable soybean, is a healthy and delicious vegetable. It is not only fun to eat but also rich in vitamins and balanced nutrient ingredients. The medical communities have been paying more and more attention to its effectiveness in health maintenance and disease prevention. Therefore, the future of edamame products including frozen vegetable soybeans is promising, especially in advanced countries.

Vegetable Soybean In southwest Taiwan, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold in the spring and autumn. With sufficient sunshine, the vegetable soybeans grown in these regions are superior in quality with high sugar content degree and excellent flavor. The vegetable soybeans products after processing are extremely popular in Japanese market.

In Taiwan, the vegetable soybeans for processing are all grown from seeds of high-qualified species, and are cultivated by contracted farmers by collective farming. To apply agricultural chemicals to edamame, farmers place strict emphasis on safety control of the chemicals involved. All contracted factories have adopted the selected agricultural chemicals purchased by the processing and export factories. The agricultural chemical is sprayed by designated personnel, and will undergo an inspection of the residual chemicals. The hygiene and safety of frozen vegetable soybeans from Taiwan have won the approval and praise from foreign customers worldwide.

The harvested vegetable soybeans will be sent to the processing factory immediately from the farms. After careful screening, the defective products are removed through the use of color sensors after which the qualified vegetable soybeans will be processed and frozen by the latest freezing technologies. In this way, the freshness, color, flavor and quality of the vegetable soybeans can be maintained at an optimal level during processing. Taiwanese vegetable soybeans have meet the international standards for taste and freshness and will continue to be enjoyed around the world.