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The Chinese have always been aficionado of flower cultivation, and have regarded the Phalaenopsis, also known as the orchard, as the ultimate expression of good taste. The orchard blossoms are exquisitely graceful with a fantastic range of color and variety and with its delicate tiara like crown earning it the title Empress of Orchids.

Phalaenopsis Taiwan, an island bejeweled on all four sides by the sparkling waters of the Pacific ocean, enjoying a high humidity climate with temperatures perfectly suited for the needs of the Phalaenopsis flower. For this we enjoy a naturally conductive environment for her hybridization. Furthermore, Taiwan has an ideal ecological system and resources to ensure quality native varieties are plentiful along with many examples of superior hybrids. Most of Taiwan's production comes from technologically advanced corporate growers, who have invested heavily in hybridization research and have developed award winning breeds by combining the best characteristics. Special attention to research in fertilizer and pest management programs has advanced the maturity and life span of the Butterfly Orchid. Phalaenopsis can be flowered within 16 months. The mericloning, seedlings and grafting technologies are being developed so that we can produce many seedlings and in hopes of creating an efficient floral industry.

The Phalaenopsis flower can last for as long as four months and cut flowers remain fresh and vibrant for up to 40 days or more making the orchard perfect for bouquets and gifts. When choosing orchards preferences are on thick round petals, with short stems, while cut flowers demand longer, singular stalks with thick petals and strong hydration capabilities. Taiwan's existing domestic market, whether for potted plants or cut flowers are available just before or during the Chinese New Year. While the international market favors cut flowers.
Due to the unique varieties of the Taiwan's Phalaenopsis and excellent quality of its flower the orchard experiences a strong competitive characteristics in the international market.