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Taiwan's Oncidium production is mainly for the floral cutting market. Due to its unique characteristics, rich in color, elegant style and long lasting features, all of which are greatly appreciated by consumers. Japan is the main exporting market.

Oncidium Recent efforts to develop international floral market have driven the Taiwanese floral industry to advance its research in biotechnology and as a result nurtured an array of new Oncidium varieties hence have encouraged this niche industry into the export market.
The climate in Taiwan is very suitable for the plantation of Oncidium, southern Taiwan produces the most abundant and best quality Oncidiums on the island. Most of the plantations occur in monitored green houses. Through careful breeding selection, management, and scale production, both quality and quantity are enhanced. Currently, Taiwan’s production can be available for export, April to June and September through to November are peak production seasons.
In order to ensure the quality harvest for export of the Oncidium, Taiwan has developed a system to account for season adjustments, fertilization, and methods of preservation of flower freshness.