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 The anthurium favors hot and humid climates, which is ideal for central and southern Taiwan. Anthurium blossoms through out the year with each period lasting 3 to 5 months. The duration of a blooms in a potted plant can last up to 3 months thus allowing for longer period of indoor enjoyment.

Anthurium The shape of the anthurium resembles the animal namesake with multiple colors and longevity. This is among the many favorites in house plants and very popular in Japan thus is one of the main plant exports.

Taiwan has the advantage in the production of anthurium due to the favorable weather. Currently, the exporting market can be supported throughout the year with full production period between April and August. To improve the quality of the product and to control any insect infestations the government and industry are working in collaboration to develop a healthy supply system for both domestic and international markets.

For export markets, the anthurium has undergone changes to preserve its freshness, thereby extending its plant life. Taiwan offers an excellent crop of Flamingo Lily plants with a variety of colors making it ideal for the global market.