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The Spray Mum( Chrysanth emum)come in many varieties of species, colors, and various degrees of life span. It is grown throughout the year and has become one of the most important flower in eastern Asia. In Taiwan, the production volume is high and is exported to many countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong and throughout South East Asia. The Spray Mum generates one of the highest volume of floral exports for Taiwan.

Chrysanthemum Owing to its favorable climates, Taiwan has a long history of cultivating Spray Mums. The acquisition of technical know-how enab les Taiwan to grow Chrysanthemums all year r ound. The main plantation stretches along central and southern Taiwan. Taiwan’s Spray Mum are grown in dense areas, with species developed from larger varieties for further propagation. Due to its varieties, uniformity, quality, easy of growth and technological know how, the Taiwanese Chrysanthemums are highly competitive in the world market.