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The Evergreen, also known as the Lucky Bamboo is mostly grown through hydroponics, it favors warm and humid environment with suitable temperature between 20C~28C. In Taiwan the main production counties are in Yilan, Nantou, Tainan, and Pingtung. Evergreen has a look similar to pen like bamboo, is easy to grow by simply placing it in a vase of water and is extremely suitable for indoors.

Evergreen In the past, the Evergreen was sold with their leaves intact after cutting. Owing to Taiwan’s industry of using thoughtful innovation, more shapes and styles of Evergreen had been developed by training and curving the bamboo to match symbols that represent good luck and blessings. Evergreen is one of the favorite gifts during the Chinese New Years.
In Taiwan, people believe that Evergreen can change one’s fortune and increase their income. Many plants are often seen tied together to produce level effects symbolizing advancement to higher ground. The Dragon Plant ranges from 10cm to 120cm. Recently the Dragon Plant has grown in popularity especially in Japan, Korea, China, and Holland generating a substantial market share and opening up new channels in Asia, Europe, and America.