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The pachira is a very showy evergreen tree, with greenish bark, that can easily adapt to the environment. In the early days, its fruit was used as a food. Later discovery revealed that it's shiny, bright green, alternate palmate compound leaves are also useful in beautifying the environment. Its leaves can be used for scenery arrangements, pottery, walkway, etc.

Malabar_chestnut Aside from its attractive leaves, its fruit can also be eaten, while its trunk used for making paper. The Malabar chestnut is one of Taiwan's most abundant trees, with lots of styles adapting well to the environment. It is one of the favorite trees of both domestic and international customers.

In Taiwan, the area for pachira plantation is about 1000 acres. This is concentrated in Changhua and Pingtung Counties. Originally, the tree has only one trunk. Through breeding, however, the industry was able to produce trees with 3 to 5 trunks/branches that can be braided together to produce unique designs. The tree can be shipped on board freighters after the roots and leaves are removed, cleaned, and dried.