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Nagi (zhu bai)

Scientific Name: Nageia nagi
Syn: Podocarpus nagi (Thunb.) Zoll. & Moritz
Family: Podocarpaceae

The Bamboo Cypress, which stands over 20 meters tall, is also called the Mountain Cypress by the Chinese. Able to thrive in shady, humid, and loamy conditions, it grows in mountains below 1000m elevation, which can be found in the north of Taiwan and on the peninsula of Hengchun. It’s a kind of famous tree for landscape arts. In Taiwan, it is believed that having it in front of a house or a temple could remove bad spirits within.

The growth of nagi is slow; its leaves are clear, dark green, making it very suitable for the beautification of gardens. Young bamboo cypress is shade-tolerant so it is an excellent indoor pot plant. The Nagi, with leaves about 2.5-3.5 cm long and 0.7 cm wide, is being exported in small quantity, and has found favor with Japanese and American buyers.