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Pear Becomes another Taiwan Agricultural Product Export to China


The Council of Agriculture (COA) held a press conference on December 22 for the first shipment of quality Taiwan pears to China to share with local people the significant export achievement. After two years of negotiations, Taiwan pear became the 23 rd item of fresh fruits allowed to export to China, explained the Council. The first shipment of Taiwan pears was loaded in Taichung Harbor on December 9 and shipped to the seaport of Dalian on December 17 due to the joint efforts by local governments, production and marketing organizations and exporters under the guidance of the COA.


Cross-strait Negotiation Platform Facilitates Application for Taiwan to Export Pears to China after Passing Quarantine and Inspection Procedures


To expand the export of Taiwan agricultural products to China and solve the quarantine and quality inspection issues for cross-strait trade of farm produce, the COA signed with Chinese authorities the Cross-strait Agreement on Agricultural Product Quarantine and Inspection Cooperation in the 4 th Chiang-Chen Talk at the end of 2009 to facilitate the application for exporting agricultural products after passing quarantine and inspection procedures. Since Taiwan pears are produced between June and October and Taiwan grows grafted pears earlier than the rest of the world, they can be segmented from China-grown pears in the market if sold earlier. Therefore, the Council submitted an application to China at the end of 2009 for Taiwan-produced pears to export after passing China’s quarantine and inspection procedures. After several rounds of consultations between the two sides, experts sent by Chinese authorities in early December to conduct pre-inspections of the first shipment of Taiwan pears were satisfied that the pears met all their requirements. So the pre-inspected pears were allowed to enter the China market without undergoing quarantine and inspection procedures again after their export license was checked. As to the random check on agricultural chemical residues, it was done after the Taiwan pears were allowed to export to the China market because they were the first shipment.


First Shipment of Taiwan Pears Successfully Entering China, Opening New Opportunities for Pear Export


The COA explained that after passing pre-inspections by Chinese experts, the first shipment of 3,120-kilogram quality Taiwan pears produced in Dongshi District, Taichung City was loaded on December 9 and shipped to China’s seaport of Dalian on December 17. All the pears were bought by Chinese importers in advance and will be sold in Dalian stores after smooth customs clearance. And Taichung Heping District and Dongshi District Farmers’ Associations are planning for the subsequent matters related to the export of next shipments to China, further opening the emerging market for Taiwan pears. ( 2011-12-22)