Specialists and Officials of AARDO Visited Taiwan and Learned about Fishing Technology and Industrial Development  2016-11-28
TAP Identifies Safety and Sustainability of Agricultural Products more than Transparency and Traceability  2016-11-28
Taiwan's Love Transcends Boundaries and Volunteer Representatives from 5 African Countries Come to Express Their Gratitude Taiwan's Love Transcends Boundaries and Volunteer Representatives from 5 Afri  2016-11-17
COA Actively Launched the Trial Program of Agricultural Insurance while Enhancing Farmers' Risk Management Capacity for Agricultural Natural Disaster Loss  2016-11-10
Nobel Peace Prize Scholar Was Invited to Taiwan to Dialogue on Decision Making of Agriculture Policy Under Climate Change  2016-11-03
ITF Showcases Sweet Seasonal Fruits  2016-11-02
COA and APAARI Jointly Organized the Expert Consultation on Successful Agri-Food Innovations and the 14th APAARI General Assembly Meeting  2016-11-01
To combat illegal fishing activities, the Executive Yuan established a Task Force for effectively integrating cross-ministerial fisheries control measures  2016-10-25
Taiwan and the United States Work Hand-in-hand in Agricultural Sciences through 30 Years  2016-10-18
The COA Organized the 2016 Training Course on Food Safety Management Systems: Advance Course for SMEs in the Agrifood Industry Jointly with APO and APAARI  2016-10-03
Taiwan's Efforts and Contribution to Food Security in the Asia-Pacific Region Praised by Member Economies as the Fourth APEC Food Security Ministerial Meeting Concluded Successfully  2016-09-29
Taiwan Organized 2016 APEC Workshop on Strengthening Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Food Waste at Retail and Consumer Levels Jointly with Peru and New Zealand  2016-09-23
Minister Tsao Chi-hung of Council of Agriculture Led a Delegation from Taiwan Joining the Fourth APEC Ministerial Meeting on Food Security  2016-09-23
Taiwan's Delegation was Forced to Leave FAO Conference. COA Claims that China's Actions Will Deepen the Gap and Hinder Cross-strait Development  2016-09-21
Taiwan Signed Fisheries Cooperation Agreement with the Republic of the Marshall Islands  2016-08-29
“Agriculture: The Foundation of Our Nation - A Special Exhibition from the Taiwan Agriculture Archives”  2016-08-18
Taiwan's Agro-Technology Businesses Unite to Expand International Market Share  2016-08-05
Domestic Fresh Pork Traceability System Kicks Off  2016-07-29
Taiwan Produce Fair Held to Expand the Market in Singapore  2016-07-28
Government Continues to Safeguard Fishermen’s Interests in the South China Sea  2016-07-18