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Officials and Alumni from around the world Come to Taiwan to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training


  The International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training (ICLPST) held a series of activities entitled the "Taiwan Land Policy Forum and 50th Anniversary Celebration" at the Regent Taipei hotel on June 25. Nearly 200 people from 50 countries participated, including experts from domestic and foreign institutes of land reform policy and agricultural development, high-ranking officials from New Southbound Policy countries, representatives from the diplomatic corps in Taiwan, scholars, and instructors, alumni, and students from the ICLPST. They delivered appreciation for the ICLPST's assistance in training land-policy and agricultural officials from many nations, and for its great achievements in promoting relevant policy reforms and development.

  The Council of Agriculture (COA) points out that the ICLPST was founded jointly in 1968 by the ROC government and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in the US, with the aim of planning and organizing training courses to assist in capacity-building in various countries through the alignment of Taiwan's experience in land reform and policy with major international issues of land and agriculture. The ICLPST has used its training facilities in Taoyuan to train a cumulative total of 17,789 students from 132 countries, and has achieved significant results in cultivation of international land and agriculture human resources, technical exchanges, and construction of cooperative networks. Meanwhile, these achievements have also helped strengthen Taiwan's image as a globalized and internationalized country that gives back to the global community. High-ranking officials and alumni from New Southbound Policy countries (including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand) actively participated in activities related to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the ICLPST, showcasing the high level of approbation given to the ICLPST for its decades of contributions to international society and its results.

  The COA states that the "Taiwan Land Policy Forum" held today is an important part of the celebratory activities for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the ICLPST. The forum explored changes in Taiwan’s land policy during the post-land reform era. Papers were presented under three major themes (farmland, urban development, and land taxation), and senior scholars and experts from home and abroad were invited to participate in the discussion of relevant issues. The COA says that Taiwan's experience with land reform and agricultural development has gained worldwide recognition, and that Taiwan is willing to share it with other countries, in hopes of promoting policy exchanges and cooperation, and advancing collective regional prosperity and sustainable development.